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Although predominantly a ski resort, the local council has been very successful in developing the area as an All Season Resort.

The Pirin Mountains are rich in wildlife, flora and fauna. The valleys of the Struma and Mesta rivers ensure that the summer months are warm with the highest number of sunny days of any mountain area in the country. Pure water tarns and wildflowers abound in the highland valleys and the unique ecosystem is home to a number of rare plant species such as the Edelweiss.

The beauty of the Pirin Mountains is why so many visitors are now experiencing them during the spring, summer and autumn months, with temperatures averaging 30 celsius during the long summer months.


Mountain Biking
Bansko is perfect for exploring by bike with many rural villages that are within easy cycling distance. It's also possible to arrange guided tours - if this would interest you then please ask for more for details.

Bike Hire & Track Guides are available at the Bansko Tourist Information Centre.

There is now a good online source of biking routes, and an online map, on the Summer in Bansko site.


International Jazz Festival
Bansko hosts an internatinal Jazz Festival every year, and will return in August 2008. More information is available at Bansko Jazz.


Horse Riding
In summer, there are opportunities for horse riding. More information is available at Summer in Bansko or


Summer in Bansko

Mineral Springs
The area is well known for its thermal springs and these together with several excellent swimming pools, which also have saunas and fitness rooms alongside them allow for pleasant aprés-ski relaxation.

A brand new Ian Woosnam course is currently being built nearby in Razlog.

For the time being ,other courses in Bulgaria include;

Set high in the Rila mountains and about 1 hour from Bansko the Rila Monastry whilst still being a working monastry is breathtaking. The church which is set in the central courtyard is decorated inside and out with brightly painted murals depicting stories from the bible. The altar with its elaborate carvings and icons are awe inspiring. Within the museum will be found hand crafted crosses in wood and silver filigree, hand crafted prayer boxes and hand sewn tapestries.

We drove ourselves there. It took just over an hour from Bansko and was reasonably easy to find. It took us by surprise when we walked in to the main courtyard as it was a lot larger than we expected and also a lot more breathtaking. If you'd like to go inside the church, and I'd recommend it, then don't wear shorts, etc. as you won't be allowed inside - you'll still be able to walk around the courtyard, just not enter the church.

To be able to go fishing you have to get a fishing permit, which will enable you to fish nearly everywhere in Bulgaria. The permit costs about 5 pounds, a year. In the Pirin mountain lakes around Bansko you'll mainly find trout. There is also a small man-made fishing lake just outside of Bansko. The best river fishing is in the river Struma, about 40 minutes by car from Bansko towards Sofia.

Bear Park
Just a short trip (around 50km) from Bansko is a reserve for dancing bears located near the town of Belitsa. The bear park is sponsored by the Brigitte Bardot Foundation and is home to 20 dancing bears, which have been bought from their owners and moved into the park. There are only 5 remaining dancing bears which the reserve are planning to buy (rescue) from their owners putting an end to the tradition of using the bears for entertainment, forcing them to dance in the streets.

We arranged our visit to the bear park with Intersport, which included transport and lunch. We were taken to train station where we took the (slow) train from Bansko to Belitsa, we where then met and taken the rest of the journey to the park by car.